Lisa RogersBroker


I hope life is treating you well...  My name is Lisa Rogers.  I have lived on Whidbey Island since 1996, moving here from Virginia with my brother.  He is a glass blower and was looking for a new job back then and we were checking out different areas.  I knew when we drove up the hill from the Clinton ferry for the first time that I could see myself living here and I wanted to stay.  We both stayed!  It is a wonderful, beautiful place full of nature, wildlife and incredible scenery.  My life has been enriched since I moved here by my connection with people and a sense of well as the fresh water, air and clean living.  I love that there is less traffic here and people wave as I go by on my daily walk. 

My passions in life, that have surfaced thus far, are real estate and Pilates.  I have been a full time real estate agent on South Whidbey since 1998.  I love helping people through the process of their purchase or sale of property.  Next to that I love to practice daily and teach Pilates, I became fully certified in 2016...  I am addicted to it, but I figure there are worse things in life!

If you want someone patient, funny, knowledgeable and familiar with Whidbey's market to help you reach your goal, contact me to chat about it.  I look forward to hearing from you!